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hello world


I really am taking a peek into the world.

Not only am I so overwhelmed, I’m also fidgety yet really excited.

Maybe because this isn’t just an average blog post meant to reflect the scrambled words in my diary.

(Don’t me wrong though. This is spontaneous writing, I assure you.)

More than anything, this is meant to bridge the gap among our breed, popularly known as the “youth” and the rest of the world.

Well, it’s a common knowledge that most people see us as rebels. It’s been a too familiar trademark for our kind. We’re the deviant group. Or so people stereotype. Now, we’re bound to make them feel guilty of their judgment.

As Borbonians, we are a microcosm of the youth. Our thoughts and actions are pretty much a result of being part of that group. We might in some ways act a little radical for other people’s views, but that doesn’t mean we’re designed to paint graffiti on every public wall and join rallies on streets anytime.

Significantly, we personify Rizal’s words (being hope of the fatherland and all that). This might come as a grave responsibility, but we’re all set to take small steps. We’re more than just emos and rappers. We’re nonfiction novels filled with thoughts and insights. Our stories are much like yours.

Hello world!

Now, we’re ready.



  1. I’m an Engineering Student and I’m Proud to be a Borbonian.

    Batangas State University, We Rule!!!

  2. Borbonians!!!

    We are a different kind of breed. We act differently. We are like our predecessors due to our training.

    Building the Dream, Shaping the Future, Upholding the Sublime…

    We are Borbonians… The name says it all…

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