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When you do something which does not interest you and you excel, would you still be proud? This circumstance shows how vague life is. You can not always jive with fate. Sometimes, the harder you try to fulfill a desire, the more it gets elusive. Others are daunted to continue struggling because they believe that they can not make it. Surpassing the challenges might possibly be the hardest demand of life. No one can escape it. There is no better way to get out than facing it. Suffice it to say, such troubles and other earthly trials that we may all be experiencing are mere flavorings to spice up our lives.
When we had the major classification exam for our course, I got curious about what field is best for me. Since my reason then in taking up Development Communication course was to be famous, I preferred broadcasting as a major. My notion about such profession was that, when you are in this field, you could easily be known by people because you are a TV and Radio icon. To tell it short, I was after the merits of influence. Another reason was also to earn greater income in such away that I have forgotten the essence of purpose. Thus, something to that effect thrilled my desire to pursue so.
I took broadcasting as my first choice. I underwent the examination and interview process. Before the result came out, I had already sensed that I would not be put on my first choice. Perhaps I don’t have the talent for such art. I told myself that if ever ended up with my second choice, which was journalism, I would just accept it. Since both majors are related with each other, I raised no resentment to whatever would be the result. What I just worried about was my ability to write. This thought made me analyze my innate abilities. The thought went like this, “if I could not make it in broadcasting, how much more in journalism”. I brooded over this matter many times over.
As I absorbed the thought, the notion became clearer. After a two-month vacation, the result finally came out. Seemingly tense but rather excited about where I would be: I found my name listed on the journalism major. With a burst of excitement, I felt exultant about it, probably because of its grandeur as a profession.
As days elapsed I learned to love the craft although sometimes I could hardly catch up with it. To be honest, I am not really good in writing. I need a lot of trainings to improve. But, inasmuch as I am in this field, I must live in it. I crave and work harder to possibly be proficient in my work. I would rather focus on my calling— to serve people.
My reason is to live purposively and meaningfully. I strive to grow and acquire essential knowledge to have something to share to humanity. To be able to help others is to have something in you. I want to make a difference through my calling.
I do not know where the fate would lead me. Though sometimes I tend to get discouraged by the challenges of life, still I show resilience in my faith. I will just do my jobs whole heartedly and contribute something magnanimous to the people.

by Ronald Cena


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