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Today was definitely one of the most horrifying days of my life!

I woke up 9am and was late for class. Yes, we still have classes at a time when all other students from universities are enoying their breaks. So unfair!

Since when did sem breaks stop coming? Unfair.

By the way, as I hurried down to take a bath and get dressed, I tripped at the carpet. Cool.

At the ride to school, I found out that I forgot my favorite pen. I have lots of those, okay. But that one I forgot is my favorite.

When I finally reached school, haggard and sweating, my classmates said we don’t have classes for this day.

Pooh! Fate might be having a good laugh at me.

Just when I thought I’ve had enough of bad luck, the jeepney ride home got stucked in heavy traffic. And by heavy, I mean vehicles were hardly moving.

Totally pissed off…

Can’t sleep…

By She-hero


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