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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Yesterday, I went to Sm Batangas to look for a decent pair of shoes that I can probably wear for my sisiter’s debut. As much as I wanted to look like a dashing debonnaire, I decided to also hunt for clothes. Since I’m with my girlfriend, I let her do all the choosing. Hell, she went from a store to another like there’s nothing left to do in the world! And she didn’t want me to hover over her decisions. Saves me the headache, okay.

When we finally finished shopping, we grabbed something to eat and headed home. But when we went outside the mall, lots of people were waiting for PUJs. Obviously, we’re left with no choice but to ride a tricycle.

When we approached the long line of tricycle drivers, I asked how much are we going to pay fron Sm to Lawas. Instantly, the driver replied, “otsenta lang po”. In my mind, I was like, “What the… 80 pesos for such a short distance?! May God save your souls!” With that, we immediately turned our backs and headed where ther other stranded people are.

After about an hour and a half, a jeepney finally arrived. My girlfriend and I were two of the luckiest people to climb on to it.

During our ride to Lawas, I can’t help but think about those greedy drivers. I have the money to pay for the fare they were asking. But I knew that it wasn’t at all fair. It wasn’t worth the money they were asking.

Though it’s a fact that times are harrd these days, it still is not an excuse to take advantage of other people. That was really inhumane. They should at least think that many other people are like them; suffering yet still choose to be decent and considerate of other people.

I seriously am hoping that this sad scenario will change.

Above is a qoute worth pondering.

By GeekGuy



I haven’t asked my former classmates in other schools, but I really think enrolment procedures in BSU goes beyond tasky. You either spend an entire day on long lines of fellow enrollees or if you’re unlucky, you can spend an entire week. Of course, that includes asking people to sign your clearance. Worse, you can’t grip a hold of them. They might be on vacation or on leave. Pooh! What a luck!

I’ve been going through the long process of enrolment for six semesters now. And nothing has changed. Still boring students to death. That’s why, when you enrol, make sure you’re with friends or bring along your mp4. Believe me, you can listen to all the tracks saved to your ipods and even repeat them several times.

To make it clear, I enrol on time. I’m one of those who enrol on the first day. But that did not exclude me from being affected by the enrolment scare. Yes, scare. I’ll give it that much for making students endure much heat and exert so much effort. Not that enrolment does not include effort, it’s just too much. Establishments were not properly ventilated. Aircons were existent, yes, but those were either not operative or set on 27 degrees– hardly a comfortable temperature.

I hope that Borbonians who pass this post can also share their sentiments. It will be very helpful to find out if others feel the same way.

Hope everything gets better. The university provides us with the best education, that’s a fact. I just hope that it can also provide us with the best services.

Ate said I can write just about anything in this site. Cool:).
This one’s pretty petty. Nonsense to many, may I add. But I really hate wash days. Many might find it kj. But that’s what I really feel. I hate having to pick up clothes from my rack and choose what to wear on Tuesday nights. It was tasky and eat up much of my time. Problem is, I don’t have a flattering body. It’s so not fair. While everyone else parades their outfits and go about the campus so comfortably, I choose to sit on the canteen and eat hotdogs– just so people would not notice me and what I wear. i feel like people talk about me and how terrible I look. My girl friends were my biggest critics. They don’t help at all. They kept on telling me that i should wear this and that because it’s the current trend. But they miss my point. I don’t want to wear anything but uniform on school days. It should be the norm.

Wearing uniform implies that we can all be equal, no matter how poor or rich each of us are. It suggests decency. It’s an ego booster.

I might only be lacking in confidence, but I stand firm with my conviction: I hate wash days!

By Shy_lady


Manny Pacquiao’s victory was beyond commendable.
I’ve always known he would win the bout. His recently concluded fight with Cotto proved that he really deserved the title as the world’s pound for pound king.

Watching him throw punches at Cotto made me cheer in delight. It’s not that I’m a violent person. I just feel like I’ve learned to love Manny the way I love my own
Okay, that was exaggerated. But I felt like he was something more than just a boxing icon. He’s a symbol of unity, a messenger of peace.

Whenever he has a fight, every Filipino stops to watch him defeat the opponent. He was like a man working miracles all the time. He was one of the few persons who was able to bring unity among us. (Applause)

I’m not his no. 1 fan, by the way. Just someone who acknowledges his efforts in making the country proud and making all of us victors in his own way.

By Proudtobeme


pacquiao-vs-cotto-posterI adore Filipinos who take pride in bringing recognition to the country. There are lots of them. But the most remarkable of which, I believe is Manny Pacquiao. Being at the cover of both Reader’s Digest and Times magazine is a wonderful accomplishment.

So as I wait for tomorrow’s big event, I feel one with every Filipino who prays for his victory. Not only will it make him the greatest boxer of his time, it will also bring a much needed recognition to the country.

I must say he suck at being an actor, but excel a great deal in his craft, which is of course, boxing. He actually is Lebron James in basketball. Too impossible to be stopped.

Tomorrow, I will be sitting in the couch, watching him throw dynamic punches over Cotto’s face. Then he’ll be sorry for his arrogance (haha). And for us, hopefully, we’ll be cheering and celebrating another Pacquiao magic. Cheers!

By guy#16