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After two months of her painstaking insistence, I give up.

My friend kept asking me to try blogging for a change. I was like, “What happened to you? You didn’t seem to care whether I blog or not, or whether I do things as they are or try a different course.”

“Thesis output,” was her short

But I know she meant something more than that. She’s always been a prolific writer (And I learned much from her!).

So here I am. Writing where my thoughts will lead me.

Well, I’m not much of a Shakespeare. I’m more like Rene Descartes and Pythagoras. Yes, I love Math. Computing is a joy. That’s why I just shrug my shoulders whenever people describe how horrible it is to take Math subjects.

Well, I say it’s all in the mind. Students keep complaining how hard the subject is that they forget to try harder. Practice will may everything seem easy. It’s like me writing this blog. I don’t really like writing, but I practice. And I’ve never felt this better:)…

By Eric_02


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