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Manny Pacquiao’s victory was beyond commendable.
I’ve always known he would win the bout. His recently concluded fight with Cotto proved that he really deserved the title as the world’s pound for pound king.

Watching him throw punches at Cotto made me cheer in delight. It’s not that I’m a violent person. I just feel like I’ve learned to love Manny the way I love my own
Okay, that was exaggerated. But I felt like he was something more than just a boxing icon. He’s a symbol of unity, a messenger of peace.

Whenever he has a fight, every Filipino stops to watch him defeat the opponent. He was like a man working miracles all the time. He was one of the few persons who was able to bring unity among us. (Applause)

I’m not his no. 1 fan, by the way. Just someone who acknowledges his efforts in making the country proud and making all of us victors in his own way.

By Proudtobeme



  1. It definitely feels great being Filipino.

    Manny’s victory is an affirmation that “The Filipino Can”.


      • True Blue Borbonian
      • Posted November 18, 2009 at 7:57 pm
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      I just hope he’ll not run in the elections. That would really disappoint me. Because Manny is for boxing; not for the dirty world of politics.

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