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Ate said I can write just about anything in this site. Cool:).
This one’s pretty petty. Nonsense to many, may I add. But I really hate wash days. Many might find it kj. But that’s what I really feel. I hate having to pick up clothes from my rack and choose what to wear on Tuesday nights. It was tasky and eat up much of my time. Problem is, I don’t have a flattering body. It’s so not fair. While everyone else parades their outfits and go about the campus so comfortably, I choose to sit on the canteen and eat hotdogs– just so people would not notice me and what I wear. i feel like people talk about me and how terrible I look. My girl friends were my biggest critics. They don’t help at all. They kept on telling me that i should wear this and that because it’s the current trend. But they miss my point. I don’t want to wear anything but uniform on school days. It should be the norm.

Wearing uniform implies that we can all be equal, no matter how poor or rich each of us are. It suggests decency. It’s an ego booster.

I might only be lacking in confidence, but I stand firm with my conviction: I hate wash days!

By Shy_lady


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