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I haven’t asked my former classmates in other schools, but I really think enrolment procedures in BSU goes beyond tasky. You either spend an entire day on long lines of fellow enrollees or if you’re unlucky, you can spend an entire week. Of course, that includes asking people to sign your clearance. Worse, you can’t grip a hold of them. They might be on vacation or on leave. Pooh! What a luck!

I’ve been going through the long process of enrolment for six semesters now. And nothing has changed. Still boring students to death. That’s why, when you enrol, make sure you’re with friends or bring along your mp4. Believe me, you can listen to all the tracks saved to your ipods and even repeat them several times.

To make it clear, I enrol on time. I’m one of those who enrol on the first day. But that did not exclude me from being affected by the enrolment scare. Yes, scare. I’ll give it that much for making students endure much heat and exert so much effort. Not that enrolment does not include effort, it’s just too much. Establishments were not properly ventilated. Aircons were existent, yes, but those were either not operative or set on 27 degrees– hardly a comfortable temperature.

I hope that Borbonians who pass this post can also share their sentiments. It will be very helpful to find out if others feel the same way.

Hope everything gets better. The university provides us with the best education, that’s a fact. I just hope that it can also provide us with the best services.


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  1. almost every school has the same problem when enrollment comes. oh, the rotten system. we’re tired of it.

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