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After the overwhelming days of vacation, I’m back to the same old morning rituals. That would be getting ready for school. As usual, I felt lazy enough to do anything- to even move. But then, as the first few droplets of water hit me during shower, I realized that I haven’t even written my New Year’s resolution. Not that it’s a requirement. I just feel like having such to somehow change what needs changing. Of course, that includes school habits.

I’ve been helplessly lazy the past year. Lessons at school were the same old hows and whys. Nothing so special. And I felt really bored with everything that’s been going on with my life. It’s horrible.

Now that a new year has taken its toll, I believe it’s the right time to contemplate on things and start a better life. This time, I’ll be tougher and wiser. No more bumming around. Promise:).

-by Yana



    • True Blue Borbonian
    • Posted January 21, 2010 at 8:46 pm
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    Yeah, I agree. It’s sad that it’s always easier said than done.

  1. promises often lead nowhere, you know that. 🙂 we, students, are known to be procrastinators and it takes quite an effort to change.

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