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I’ve never liked studying. But I love going to school.

I do not have that much patience to memorize the factors affecting climate change nor the guidelines for making a marketing strategy. Though all these make sense, I still feel tired and lazy.

I don’t know why. It’s just I enjoy hanging out with friends way more than listening to a two-hour lecture on probability. This might be normal. After all, I’m still a teen bound to open and enjoy life’s amazing packages. I’m enjoying life as it is that I choose not to focus on studying. Passing all my subjects was enough. I know this kind of thinking isn’t at all remarkable. But it’s something I’ve long decided.

But now, with just less than a month in school and a week before the final exams, I decided to browse my accountancy book for the fifth time and just try comprehending what complex knowledge I can get from this bulky book.

One last test…

I hope to pass…

–By Jaycee


I was badly feeling the need to pee yesterday. Pardon me for being so straightforward. But the unsightly condition of the GE rest room made me hold back and just wait for another four hours to get home. It was totally the opposite of the comfort room located near the computer laboratory.

I really think that comfort rooms form a vital part in our lives. It’s part of our daily routine. Thus, it should be kept clean. Also, it should be free from vandalism.

I hope that something could be done to maintain cleanliness of the university’s rest rooms. As students, we could help by being disciplined enough. Let’s all be vigilant about this. This has to be changed. I certainly don’t want to spend the rest of my college life enduring the foul smell from rest rooms.

-By Yana

After the overwhelming days of vacation, I’m back to the same old morning rituals. That would be getting ready for school. As usual, I felt lazy enough to do anything- to even move. But then, as the first few droplets of water hit me during shower, I realized that I haven’t even written my New Year’s resolution. Not that it’s a requirement. I just feel like having such to somehow change what needs changing. Of course, that includes school habits.

I’ve been helplessly lazy the past year. Lessons at school were the same old hows and whys. Nothing so special. And I felt really bored with everything that’s been going on with my life. It’s horrible.

Now that a new year has taken its toll, I believe it’s the right time to contemplate on things and start a better life. This time, I’ll be tougher and wiser. No more bumming around. Promise:).

-by Yana

Ate said I can write just about anything in this site. Cool:).
This one’s pretty petty. Nonsense to many, may I add. But I really hate wash days. Many might find it kj. But that’s what I really feel. I hate having to pick up clothes from my rack and choose what to wear on Tuesday nights. It was tasky and eat up much of my time. Problem is, I don’t have a flattering body. It’s so not fair. While everyone else parades their outfits and go about the campus so comfortably, I choose to sit on the canteen and eat hotdogs– just so people would not notice me and what I wear. i feel like people talk about me and how terrible I look. My girl friends were my biggest critics. They don’t help at all. They kept on telling me that i should wear this and that because it’s the current trend. But they miss my point. I don’t want to wear anything but uniform on school days. It should be the norm.

Wearing uniform implies that we can all be equal, no matter how poor or rich each of us are. It suggests decency. It’s an ego booster.

I might only be lacking in confidence, but I stand firm with my conviction: I hate wash days!

By Shy_lady


No one could be happier than I.

I’ve just finished my 50-page requirement in my major subject! Hooray!

This calls for a celebration. Oops.

I have to enroll first.

Wow! This is fun! It’s just like posting what I think on my facebook wall.

Whoever’s behind this certainly has a cool mind.

Go Borbonians!

Come post your thoughts!

By Gee-Ann