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Philippines over typhoonI am starting to believe that the Philippines is the home of typhoons.

After four strong typhoons, we are bound to experience another one. Okay, so we’re not yet sure if it would really pass our province. But then, it’s just right that we show some concern for our fellow Filipinos.

It might be ironic that an engineering student like me is writing about this stuff. I might as well enrol to DevCom like this site’s administrator.teehee. Kidding aside, all the bad things that are happening to our country should make us feel alarmed. We should not just sit on our couches and movie houses watching the latest flicks.

Really, I’m hoping that typhoon Santi will not cause the same damage like the past typhoons did. We cannot bear another calamity.

By Monette


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Posted by TheDigitizerWP

We were surprised when the Bridge of Promise collapsed due to typhoon Santi. This typhoon directly hit Batangas. Casualties are recorded. Sad.

PHILIPPINES-FLOOD-TYPHOONA typhoon ravaging the streets of Metro Manila and other parts of the country was certainly unfortunate. But having four consecutive typhoons with almost the same strength was almost unbearable. We never expected this to happen in our country. None of us have foreseen the effects of these typhoons.

Maybe this is what they call climate change. But I think the more appropriate term is nature’s revenge.
We’ve been so cruel, okay. We’re paying the price and it’s worser than we thought. We’ve got no one to blame but ourselves.

It’s silly that we have to realize all these after four typhoons have done much damage. We know it’s too late. And we’re just starting to reform our ways. Maybe that’s life’s reality; reforming comes after chaos.

I couldn’t help but symphatize with those who were directly affected by the typhoons. Those whose hopes for a better future were taken away by floods and left barren by muds. Those children who dreams of finishing school and present their diplomas to their parents.

Why did all these have to happen to them when all those corruptgovernment officials are enjoying life lavishly? So unfair. I’m starting to believe that life was never really fair for the poor.

I sit here in pity. I know pitying would not help. Soon I have to take actions. For now, I want to think that hope never fades despite all those these adversities.

We will move on. We can.

By Anjenelle

far from recovery

I was shocked upon hearing that Batangas was put into signal no. 3 by the PAGASA. Well, it’s been a while since we’ve been into a typhoon signal this intense.

I was never worried because it never rained during the day. However, when night came, specifically in the wee hours, I finally felt the typhoon ravaging our village. It’s an advantage that we live in a subdivision. No roof was seen flying. However, many of us were worried everytime the strong wind blew with most potency. It was horrifying.

I couldn’t be more overwhelmed when the typhoon finally stopped.

It was short, yes. But it left effects which none of us would never forget.

This was no Ondoy. But still a typhoon, nonetheless.

By She-hero