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Monthly Archives: March 2010

I’ve never liked studying. But I love going to school.

I do not have that much patience to memorize the factors affecting climate change nor the guidelines for making a marketing strategy. Though all these make sense, I still feel tired and lazy.

I don’t know why. It’s just I enjoy hanging out with friends way more than listening to a two-hour lecture on probability. This might be normal. After all, I’m still a teen bound to open and enjoy life’s amazing packages. I’m enjoying life as it is that I choose not to focus on studying. Passing all my subjects was enough. I know this kind of thinking isn’t at all remarkable. But it’s something I’ve long decided.

But now, with just less than a month in school and a week before the final exams, I decided to browse my accountancy book for the fifth time and just try comprehending what complex knowledge I can get from this bulky book.

One last test…

I hope to pass…

–By Jaycee